Second Legend Hunters Search For Ogopogo Expedition in August 2001.

After having a sonar hit that indicated something large and fast living below the waters of Lake Okanagan during his first expedition, Bill again gathered support to launch a second expedition a year after his initial one.

The second expedition began on August 12, 2001 and aside from once again searching Rattlesnake Island, the researchers also concentrated on an area 3 miles north of Kelowna in about 80 meters of water. Many of the sightings in the last few years have been located near the junction of where major creeks flow into Lake Okanagan and where the depths are 60 meters or more. Another of the several areas the expedition grid searched was Seclusion Bay where many unexplained water disturbances and a number of Ogopogo sightings were reported over the years.

During this second expedition, their sonar equipment again received possible indications of a large creature, although the result was not as clear as the fairly conclusive result from the first expedition of the existence of something that would not be considered a normal occurence.

A second expedition was mounted in August of 2001.
The Legend Hunters expedition boat
Are there any unexplained lake creatures lurking below the waters of Lake Okanagan?
View of Lake Okanagan near Rattlesnake Island
Searching around Rattlesnake Island and beyond.
Searching around Rattlesnake Island and beyond.