Production company Partners in Motion invited Bill Steciuk to join the in a two-day expedition searching around Lake Okanagan and two more days near Vancouver Island.
Monster Quest Expedition November 2009

This expedition introduced the use of some innovative technology, such as hydro acoustic and thermal imaging, to be used in a search for Ogopogo. Inviting the same crew which was on the 2006 Legend Hunters expedition, the production company Whitewater Enterainment Inc was hoping to find significant evidence to support the existence of this aquatic creature.

On the first day out, near Peachland, the thermal imaging on the helicopter picked up a thermal trail leading to an area where fish were jumping. They sent out a team in a zodiac to check out the area, the lake became calm. They speculated about the possibility of this being our friend coming to the surface to feed, since these fish-jumping sightings have been reported many times around the same time as possible sightings of the Lake resident.
Later in the day they were exploring some of the many caves in the Squally Point area. In a cave at a 20m (65Ft) depth, one of their divers found a decomposed carcass lying at the entrance. It was about 25cm(10inches) long with a body much like a snake. Wondering what kind of species it might be, they later sent it to the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario in Guelph for DNA bar testing. The team was a little disappointed to find that it was a common species of salmon, so nothing to do with any unknown species lurking in that area.

On the following day, the team used the hydro acoustic equipment for the first time. One of the divers was down just checking for caves just north of Rattlesnake Island, and Bill was broadcasting a a constant audio signal of 20 Hertz into the lake. He had just increased the signal when suddenly there was a frantic call from the diver. He had suddenly become engulfed in a huge amount of sediment and could not get his bearings. The divemaster sent two other divers to find him and as the waters cieared, they found a large scooped out area on the bottom measuring about 5 meters (16.5 ft) long, 3 meters (10-ft) wide,and 2 meters(6.5 ft) deep. This raised a question - had an animal burrowed itself into this sinkhole but the increased sound frequency had caused it to leave in a hurry?

All in all, it was a great expedition for the search for Ogopogo. The Monster Quest Documentary is event now still being shown on the History Channel.