Global News Interview with Bill Steciuk on September 26, 2018

After 3 reported Ogopogo sightings in a span of less than 3 weeks, Kelowna's Global News Anchor Doris Bregolisse followed up with Bill Steciuk.

As a result of this interview, the website received over 117,500 hits in a span of 5 days, as well as a variety of reports from people detailing sightings that they experienced over the years. Some of the reports were of sightings which occurred in the last days of September, after the interview.

Our website is a venue for people to add their stories to all the others that either we at have received, or other sightings reported in various local publications over the years.

We encourage you to fill out our "Sightings" form so that we can add your story to all the others we have also received of people just like you - not wanting to be ridiculed, but knowing what they saw. We do not publish full names.

Email from Scott B, who witnessed "Ogopogo" about 39 years ago
"Subject: My account
I wanted to add my story to yours and you can do what you want with it. I'm 50 years old now, so I look back at this point in time and state what I have consistently stated since I was around 11 years old, that I saw the Ogopogo monster from a floating dock on the Okanagan. We were visiting family and friends and everybody had gone inside because of the rain. I loved the way the water was reflecting the drops so I sat on the dock for a good half hour. It was during this time that I noticed a black line forming in three spots on the horizon. Thinking about it, it looked like it was going against the wind and I watched it cross the lake for a good 5 minutes till finally a head exposed itself, very similar to the one that you took a picture of [referring to Bill Steciuk's picture of May 2015], and must have been above water for a good 20 seconds before it went back down. The three lines obviously were the body going above the waves. If this was just a quick sighting I would have dismissed it as something else, but as it lasted for so long there's no doubt in my mind that it was an animal moving across the water. I reported it as a child would to his parents and of course they made fun of it but over the years I've never changed my story that I am sure that I saw the creature that lives in the lake!
Keep up the good work - one day you'll be proven right.
Kindest regards, Scott

Email from Linda H, who saw "Ogopogo" about 50 years ago
" It would have been 50 yrs ago. I was around 15 yrs old. The family went to Kelowna for summer holidays as my mother's aunt lived there. We camped at Jericho Beach and I was sitting on the beach when I saw 3 humps out in the water which looked like 3 half tires - I didn't see a head. It was not there long, then disappeared. I always tell people that there is an Ogopogo. Only saw this one time but I do believe.
Linda H.

Email from Cody G, who saw "Ogopogo" in 1995
"What we saw was more than any wave. It was September 1995, we were showing family Kelowna sites and we were at the park looking over the lake. There, 50 feet out, a snake-like body, 15 -20 feet of slithering movement. We watched and looked at one another questioning this. Even stopped other couples to ask "do you see what we are seeing?" and they did. The sighting lasted 15 minutes or longer.
Yes we're believers!
Cody G & Ingrid B.

Email from UBC student Breyden H., who reported to us that he has seen "Ogopogo" on four different occasions over the past few months.
" I have had multiple sightings this year of what I think is a species of creatures people call "Ogopogo" that I'd like to tell you about, starting with the most recent sighting, which was today:

"My 4th sighting - Sept. 29, 2018: I was looking at the lake at around 7:45am today when I spotted what at first looked like a log. Although there were small waves in the lake, it didn't appear to move the way a floating log would. I kept watching and about 5 minutes later, it moved from left to right. Although I tried to video it, the sun prevented me from getting a good view. By the time the view was a little clearer, whatever it was had already submerged."

"My 3rd sighting - Sept.28, 2018: I was up early and was looking at the lake. I live on the second-floor of a house with a very good view of the lake. I picked up my binoculars and did a couple of sweeps of the area. At around 7:10am, I saw something surface on the eastern side of Okanagan Lake and raise a fairly long neck and head out of the water. First the hump appeared and then the head and neck surfaced only a second after, in fluid motion. It appeared to be surveying its surroundings, looking from left to right as I watched. I estimated the length to be comparable to about half the length of a small kayak, with its neck about half a meter out of the water. The head looked to be about a foot and half long, from what I could see of it. The creature surfaced not far away from the Kelowna General Hospital location. The day was sunny with some clouds in the distance and the lake was a bit wavy at first but then calmed as the morning went on. The color of the creature was jet-black and the skin was very smooth due to the sunlight reflecting off it. I was able to watch it for a solid 10-20 seconds then grabbed for my camera, but unfortunately the camera wasn't charged. By the time I plugged in the charger, the creature had submerged. I've attached a drawing of what I saw. This could not have been a jumping fish because the head and neck stuck out of the water for approximately 15-20 seconds before submerging. And it was not a waterfowl because I saw a flock of ducks on the lake and they were very small in comparison to this creature. If I had to guess, I would say this was a juvenile member of the Ogopogo species. "

Sketch of what he saw, as submitted by Breyden H.

"My 2nd sighting -June 2nd, 2018: My second sighting was actually in two parts. I had awakened around 5:00 am and looked out towards the lake. I spotted something lying on the surface of the water, close to the Bill Bennett Bridge, As I reached for my camera, the "subject" began moving. It even looked like there might have been two other shapes briefly surfacing near it. The larger creature was clearly serpentine and appeared to be 40-45 feet in length and it had shiny, smooth skin. It moved southwards and at one point started going really fast. I had my video analyzed by the BCSCC (British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club), and according to them, the creature moved 300 meters in 3 minutes! At one point, it turned towards the east side of Okanagan Lake and submerged. About two and a half hours later that same day, I again looked in the direction of the Kelowna General Hospital and saw something briefly surface and submerge. My mom joined me at the window and right in front of both of us, the back of what was probably the same creature I had seen before rose out of the water and in no time flat, blasted through the water like an arrow. It left a massive wake as it did so. We were stunned by this this sudden yet spectacular display. It was absolutely amazing to have 2 such experiences within one morning!"

"My 1st sighting - May 11th, 2018: I have a good view of the lake from the second floor hallway of our house. As I looked out, I caught activity in the lake out of the corner of my eye. There, a huge, elongated creature was lying still on the water and as I watched for 1-2 minutes, it began to move. I ran to get my camera and I managed to film the sighting. As I did so, I noticed the creature stretched so that I could see multiple humps when it moved horizontally as it swam southward in the lake. I estimated it to be about the length of a logger truck; I could tell it was a creature because it was leaving a wake behind it. Because my first few video clips were shaky, I ran for my tripod and mounted my camera on it just in time to be able to video the creature with multiple humps visible on the surface. It finally turned in my direction on the Westside of the lake, and did a semi-loop before going out of sight behind a neighbour's house. In total, I have almost 10 minutes of my sighting captured on video, taken close to the Bill Bennett Bridge. "
Breyden H.