Ogopogo has been a part of Kelowna and surrounding area folklore for many centuries

An Incredible Sight!

On May 24, 2015, Bill Steciuk was sitting on the balcony of his condo enjoying the balmy May weather when he suddenly saw something that looked like a head pop up from the Lake. The object was about 150 meters away from where he was standing on his balcony. Bill quickly grabbed his Canon Power Shot SX40 digital camera, and focussed onto the object. There wsas no doubt in his mind that this was a head, as it could clearly be seen through the zoom of his camera lens. The object was not moving, and stayed in one spot for close onto 2 whole minutes. During that time, Bill took a series of 4 pictures, the last of which captured the "creature" as it suddenly lunged out of the water, before diving and disappearing beneath the surface.

After mentioning this sighting to various people over time, Bill came up with an idea: he could share this picture with people while creating something useful for them - a short sleeve t-shirt that people can wear!

These great quality t-shirts are digitally printed for long-lasting designs and are available in unisex Children sizes from 6 to 14, and Adult sizes from Small to XX-Large.

Make a statement with your Ogopogo Sighting shirt!


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Unisex Sizes - ADULT

Our t-shirts are great for kids and adults alike!

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