Lake "monsters" have been reported by thousands of people over the years in all parts of the world. Do they really exist? Is there a plausible explanation? Have some few prehistoric creatures somehow managed to survive the ages where most became extinct but a handful still thrive in modern times?

The legend of Ogopogo tells us that he has been seen by Lake Okanagan area residents and visitors alike in British Columbia, Canada, for hundreds of years. In more modern times, several photos have been taken of an unexplainable phenomenon on very calm days when there was not a ripple to be seen.

Ogopogo- fact or myth?
Ogopogo sighting Sept.06...absolutely incredible!

Check out this incredible photo! The viewers were piloting their boat and quickly took a photograph through their boat window as they saw the object only about 50 feet from them!

Click here for their story and an enlargement of the original photo!

After having himself seen what he believed to be the famous "lake monster" Ogopogo back in 1978 while crossing Lake Okanagan on the bridge out of Kelowna, British Columbia, Bill Steciuk has teamed with several others who believe in the existence of this creature.

This group has taken the search for Ogopogo to a high scientific level and have mounted several expeditions over the years, using advanced technologies donated by one of their sponsors, Interphase Technologies, from R.O.V. to sonar.

During the year 2000 expedition, a fast-moving form measuring approximately 15 meters in length was caught on sonar.

Bill has also been approached several times over the past few years by documentary makers, for television shows and for print production.

Sonar hit shows a definite shape, large enough to be the famous Ogopogo

History Channel production crews, led by the Legend Hunter team of Bill Steciuk and Len Melnyk mounted a day-long search for Ogopogo

There have been several searches for Ogopogo in Lake Okanagan over the past many years, and many documentaries have been aired about the subject.

We ourselves were involved in such documentaries at various times, with the results being shown on TV shows such as The Legend Hunters airing on the Discovery Channel, Sea Monsters on OLN, and more.

The Legend Hunter team, which included Bill Steciuk, lead the search.  They employed some new technologies such as thermal imaging, hydrosound technology, sonar and dive teams.

A small, partly-decayed, carcass of a marine species was found in a cave in 60 ft. of water, on the west side of Rattlesnake Island.  The sample is being frozen and sent to the Biodiversity Institute in Guelph, Ontario for final tissue DNA determination.  The carcass was not readily indentifiable by either the crew or the divers, leading to the possibility of a new species in Okanagan Lake.......the mystery continues!

The Ogopogo phenomenon is just full of surprises! While filming a documentary based on Bill Steciuk's first sighting of Ogopogo, the film crew was amazed to find an "extra" wanting to participate in the filming....yes, none other than the famed "lake monster" itself.....

See a 30-second preview of the video... with an incredible sighting of Ogopogo by the film crew! Choose either high resolution or lower resolution, depending on your computer capabilities.


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Search for Ogopogo using modern search techniques R.O.V. searches for signs of the elusive Ogopogo
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