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Ogopogo revealed?

The Legend Hunters have been trying to find Ogopogo for many years, but it now looks like Ogopogo may have actually found them! Bill Steciuk, the original Legend Hunters expedition leader in 2000 and 2001, was sitting on the balcony of his 4th floor Kelowna condo overlooking Lake Okanagan on a warm sunny May evening in 2015. Suddenly, something that appeared to be a head popped up about 150 meters away, right in front of him! Grabbing the camera he had nearby, he shot 4 consecutive pictures of the apparition - it stayed in the same location for almost 2 full minutes before disappearing under the water.

Lake "monsters" have been reported by thousands of people over the years in all parts of the world. Do they really exist? Is there a plausible explanation? Have some few prehistoric creatures somehow managed to survive the ages where most became extinct but a handful still thrive in modern times?

The legend of Ogopogo tells us that he has been seen by Lake Okanagan area residents and visitors alike in British Columbia, Canada, for hundreds of years. In more modern times, several photos have been taken of an unexplainable phenomenon on very calm days when there was not a ripple to be seen.

These photos taken in May 2015 by Bill Steciuk may possibly be among the clearest images ever taken of what can clearly be seen as a large head, similar in shape to the many descriptions by people who have witnesses this strange phenomenon known as Ogopogo.

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